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Residential Sweeping Services

One of the best value for money decisions in community management is achieved through the use of professional power sweeping, which will not only beautify your community, but it is also a vital maintenance and safety component for residential everyday life. Our fleet of state of the art street sweeping equipment and a skilled, knowledgeable crew of professionals will meet and exceed your expectations.

We strive to maintain a high level of quality and attention in order to quickly and easily sweep away litter and debris from your roadways. In our residential street sweeping program, aimed at improving the appearance of your community, our motto is safety, clean environmental conditions and risk management.

Benefits of our regular community power sweeping:

Cleanliness, Safety and Aesthetics

Street sweeping decreases the amount of dirt and debris. By walking through dirt and debris from your street to the door, they will find the way into your home, clogging filters and making a costly mess of pools and furniture. As a preventive measure, sweeping results in cleaner streets, cleaner homes and happier tenants and community dwellers. This is achieved by:

  • Removing debris and reducing slip and fall accidents;
  • Promoting a safe environment that means lower insurance rates for your community; and
  • Removing trash from the road and keeping the community clean, which discourage people from throwing their trash onto a sparkling clean property.

Minimizing the impact of stormwater pollutants

Residential Sweeping is also Residential Sweeping is also important for improving stormwater quality and preventing clogging of drains. Regular sweeping services in your community can prevent pollutants deposited on the surfaces from reaching the stormwater system, helping to minimize stream pollution.The Residential Street Sweeping Program provided by Coastline Service Contractors is an effective strategy aimed at preventing the clogging of water drains and removing a typical range of pollutants, such as paper and plastics, leaves and twigs, before they reach the stormwater system.

Life Extension of Asphalt and Concrete and Money-Saving Measures

Regular Residential sweeping also increases the useful life of your community street pavement. Sand, dirt and trash are abrasive and having abrasive material on asphalt and concrete quickly deteriorates the pavement and reduces the life span of these areas. The replacement cost for pavement due to poor maintenance far exceeds the routine expense of sweeping.

At Coastline Service Contractors, we can help you save money downs the road with the removal of these pollutants from your community, allowing for a cleaner environment, keeping dirt and debris out of the sewers and preventing storm water runoff.

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