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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

At Coastline Service Contractors, we offer a variety of swimming pool services for your residential property. We understand the hassle and worries involved in pool maintenance duties, and we will help you to save time and money down the road and create a healthy environment for your community. We are ready to assist you with year-round pool cleaning and maintenance services, whether you need us for a one-time cleaning or for water balancing and drain cleaning. We make weekly or monthly rounds, handle routine cleaning, check and adjust chemical levels, maintain pumps, skimmers, filters and other equipment. You may choose from our regular or seasonal programs, depending on your needs. We service liquid chlorine pools, standard pools or salt pools.

Our Pool Cleaning Services

  • Scheduled cleaning and routine maintenance
  • Daily testing
  • Water balancing
  • Routine pump and filter maintenance
  • Winterizing (close pool down for winter)
  • Types: liquid chlorine pools, standard pools and salt pools

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