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Parking Lot Sweeping Services

A well-maintained parking lot, free of trash, leaves, sand and debris, not only creates a positive first impression with your customers, but it also helps maintain the life of the parking lot pavement. If your parking lot is cleaned on a regular basis, minor issues will not turn into major problems that will demand costly replacement investments.

At Coastline Service Contractors, our team of skilled professionals is strongly commitment to implementing a well-planned preventative and maintenance program that will minimize your lifetime parking lot costs. Our fleet of state of the art parking lot sweeping equipment will help you improve and maintain the exterior image of your business, create a great impression and save money down the road.

Our competent team of professionals and highly efficient equipment are capable of doing a great parking lot sweeping job at properties that range in size, from your smaller local business community to large shopping center areas. While the overall appearance and welcoming factor improves, so will your business.

Why Should You Keep Your Parking Area Clean?

Attracting customers

When deciding on where to shop, many customers consider exterior business cleanliness to be as important as interior cleanliness. Parking lot sweeping for aesthetic purposes represents an important marketing strategy. As a key factor to attracting customers, well-maintained parking areas and sidewalks represent an asset to your business for reflecting competence and professionalism in business management. It creates an overall impression that you take pride in how your business is presented to customers. Building a positive business image

Your business parking lot is one of the first areas to make contact with your potential customers and its cleanliness definitely makes a first impression. And you never know whether you will get a second chance to make a good first impression. Having the outside area of a business community full of cigarette butts, leaves and paper, for example, create a negative image about the individual businesses within it. A clean parking lot, on the other hand, projects a successful image, and customers prefer businesses that portray an image of success.

Increasing competitive advantage

Maintaining well-kept parking areas is key to gaining or retaining competitive edge in your business market. Consider other business communities in your surrounding area. If they are currently investing in parking lot sweeping and have well-maintained areas while you do not, they have competitive advantage unless you do the same. On the contrary, if local business communities in your area do not invest in their aesthetics, by investing in parking lot sweeping your business is in a stronger position to come out ahead not only in attracting customers but also in building a positive business image.

Minimizing the impact of pollutants

Stormwater runoff is fast becoming a factor in our environment. Sweeping your parking area on a regular basis can prevent pollutants deposited on the surfaces from reaching the stormwater system, helping to minimize stream pollution. Parking lot sweeping is therefore an effective prevention strategy aimed at removing from your parking area a typical range of pollutants, such as paper and plastics, leaves and twigs, before they reach the stormwater system.

Inspiring a sustainable customer mentality

When your parking area is clean, your business will attract more customers. There is a tendency to believe that more shoppers will result in more trash in your business community. However, shoppers are less likely to throw trash out in the parking lot, if they encounter a well-maintained area. It is more likely that customers will adapt to the clean image portrayed by your parking lot if it is constantly kept in good condition. This has a positive “rollover effect” for your business. The less trash there is in your parking lot, the better your business image and, consequently, the more customers you will attract.

Investing in money-saving measures

Abrasive material commonly found in parking lots, such as sand, dirt and other trash, quickly deteriorates the pavement. Every pavement needs a regular cleaning routine to prevent costly replacements due to poor maintenance. Parking lot sweeping is actually a money-saving measure considering that the replacement costs for pavement far exceed routine expenses of regular sweeping. Therefore, by investing in parking lot sweeping services for removal of abrasive elements, you save time and money down the road.

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