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Litter Management Services

If you face litter problems at your commercial or residential property, Coastline Service Contractors can help you. A common challenge encountered by property managers is the large accumulation of trash on the ground, along landscaped areas and in ditches, especially if days, weeks or months go by before it gets cleaned up. Researchers have found that nearly 20% of all littered items end up as pollution in streams and waterways. Wind, stormwater runoff, illegal dumping and also traffic from streets and highways move litter around residential communities and commercial properties, which may end up in ditches, drains and other retention areas, such as ponds.

At Coastline Service Contractors, our team provides preventive pollution services and solutions to problematic trash accumulation or illegal waste dumping. We handle any accumulation of litter in gutters, landscape, road sides, alleyways and parking areas, whether it is paper, metal, plastic, glass or other general solid waste such as bulk trash and debris. Coastline Service Contractors helps you to maintain a clean property appearance and prevent any damage caused by the accumulation of litter, such as stormwater pollution, harm to wildlife and threat to public health.

Our Litter Management Services

  • Regular preventive inspections
  • Storm water pollution prevention
  • Debris and litter control
  • Sediment and pollution removal

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