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Construction Site and Street Sweeping

At Coastline Service Contractors, our competent team of professionals and highly efficient equipment are capable of doing a great sweeping job at your residential or commercial construction site, ranging from your small local community to large shopping center areas.

We also offer road and asphalt sweeping services for municipalities, federal and state DOT, construction and property management companies, home owners associations and developers. Check out our Construction Site Cleanup and Street Sweeping Programs below, and contact us at (843) 742-7423 for an estimate.

Construction Site Cleanup

At Coastline Service Contractors, we understand the importance of construction site cleanup services as the final cleaning and removal of leftover construction materials to ready spaces for sale or lease. We provide efficiency in the construction site cleaning of residential and commercial properties, whether as maintenance service throughout your project or as a total and final cleanup at the very end before your Grand Opening. We provide rigorous construction site cleanup, including services such as road and asphalt sweeping, dust removal, window cleaning, metal polishing and the removal of general trash and building materials, such as pipes, electrical wiring, wood and metal.

Let Coastline Service Contractors tackle your Construction Site Cleanup, and we will have everything ready before your clients see the finished project. 

Street Cleaning

Street Sweeping is essential for keeping roadways free of debris, leaves, dust and sand. It is also one of the most efficient water quality management and control methods. At Coastline Service Contractors, we guarantee the removal of paper, leaves and other debris, which prevent the blocking of gutters and stormwater facilities. We will keep street pavement clean and in good condition and take care of minor asphalt and concrete paving jobs. With our street sweeping services, you can be sure that dirt and debris will be kept under control and will not pollute water systems, reducing neighborhood trash and litter and increasing safety in roadways. Coastline Service Contractors provides Street Sweeping services to local agencies, and also to construction and property management companies, home owners associations (HOAs) and developers, especially in association with our Construction Site Cleanup Program. We also provide Special Cleaning services upon request.