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Commercial Property Maintenance

One of the greatest influences on people’s first impression about a commercial property is the condition of its physical appearance. An impressive outside image improves the appeal of your property and attracts numerous potential tenants and customers. The commercial services provided by Coastline Service Contractors will help you transform the look of your property and maximize the value of its outdoor appearance. Our services will allow you to create a significant first impression among clients and will distinguish your commercial property from those of competitors, enhancing your competitive advantage in the market and your ability to attract and retain the best tenants.

How Coastline Service Contractors can help you:

Servicing of Commercial Properties

At Coastline Service Contractors, our skilled professionals are equipped to service a range of commercial properties. We offer a full array of services that are perfect for large and small commercial properties, including campuses, office buildings, retail complexes, shopping malls, industrial and warehouse sites, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Comprehensive Service Provision

Coastline Service Contractors will handle everything for you. We can provide you with the comprehensive maintenance and care of your commercial property landscaping and gardens, sweeping, janitorial and porter services, litter management, as well as a wide range of facility services, including general inspections and HVAC maintenance, installing, etc.


From project design to management and maintenance, we ensure that all necessary work is being done on time and we stay in control of everything that needs to be done. We offer scheduled maintenance programs designed to fix regular issues. We stay in regular communication and provide you with real time feedback, regular reports and constant monitoring, so nothing goes unchecked.

Custom-tailored Packages

We address all of your property needs through our comprehensive packages and weekly maintenance programs. We also provide customized project management for your specific needs. We offer a full array of services that you can mix and match according to your budget, creating your own customized packages and programs. Our team of experts will consider all aspects of your property needs when making cost-effective service recommendations to improve its overall condition.

Our Commercial Services

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