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Commercial Janitorial Services

At Coastline Service Contractors, we specialize in the maintenance of commercial properties and offer top quality cleaning services to a variety of infrastructures: office buildings, strip malls, shopping venues, amusement parks, tourist attractions, among others. We provide comprehensive solutions to the janitorial needs of your commercial property, whether you need an emergency service call or an ongoing maintenance program.

Our multi-range service capabilities and professional crew are ready to provide you with a full range of services for your property. Among the many solutions included in our program, we offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care, power washing, restroom sanitation and vacancy touch up. We assess your property and customize a janitorial maintenance program to fit your budget and the specific needs of your property. We are equipped to manage everything for you, whether you have a newly constructed building that requires clean-up prior to leasing or tenant move-in, or an emergency call that requires immediate response.

With Coastline Service Contractors, you can expect a dedicated and experienced team to handle any janitorial or cleaning challenge your commercial property may have.

Our Janitorial Services

  • Periodic carpet and floor cleaning (and proper treatment on all flooring surfaces)
  • Window and blind cleaning
  • Restroom sanitation (cleaning and disinfecting)
  • Vacancy touch up (set ups prior to leasing and take downs)
  • Power washing
  • Special event preparations
  • Restorative cleaning
  • Emergency calls (day or night) and clean-up
  • Water extraction for unexpected floods, roof leaks, or toilet overflow
  • Upholstered cleaning
  • Parking garage maintenance and gum removal

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